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The Moon and Followers


What do the Moon and Followers signify? That symbolism is disputed by the cultures of Janspar.

In the frozen highlands of Iame, the land of sunless days and ancient glaciers, they see the Moon and the Followers as a great beast of prey, pursued by hunters. Most commonly described as one of the great tusked loxons populating that country since antesermal times, the Mammoth-Moon proceeds endlessly across the sky, with the hunters doggedly following after. The bountiful mammoth is a creature of great importance to the Iaman, and this lunar tale represents their seasonal hunt and the constant struggle against the harsh lands they inhabit.

Look, child, the Mammoth-Moon marches
And the hunters shall follow
To chase the prey, to catch the pray
The hunters follow the Moon.

-Extract from an Iaman Cradle Song

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