The Tales of Amarand


Come forth, ye, and hear the tale of Amarand! Sailor, warrior, lover… adventurer! Who among ye has not heard the name? Why, in his centuries on Janspar, Amarand’s name has been spoken in every corner of civilization! What has Amarand not done? I shall tell you of his exploits and deeds, his triumphs and his tragedies, as recounted to me by the man himself! For yes, I was a shipmate of Amarand, though he traveled under the guise of a common sailor. And where else to recount these tales, but here in Silaka… the city of his father!

(gasps, murmurs)

Amarand the Sailor: born on a ship to an Aeskhonae Captain, Amarand is more sea-creature than Mortal! He has circumnavigated the world a dozen times in each direction.

Amarand the Warrior: Amarand has shed blood in every land and upon every sea of Janspar! In wars and in duels, serving now as an officer, now as a lowly footsoldier, now as a dashing mercenary and then as a loyal follower.

Amarand the Pirate: breaking all taboos of his native people, Amarand preyed on the trade of the oceans. The noble sailor became a raider, the most fearsome corsair of the Southern Seas, and led a fleet of brigands like none other ever seen!

Amarand the King: in distant Gla’are, Amarand reigned over a land of peace and freedom, a pirate-nation of daring and romance!

Amarand the Lover: The passions of Amarand are almost greater than a Mortal can know! The story of Amarand is one of stealing into forts to free his love from chains, of embraces with angels and monsters, of romances that span centuries and continents.

Amarand the Explorer: from the icy mountains deep within Cuathona, to the jungles of Mfezili and the plains of Arrekho – there’s no land where Amarand’s foot has yet to tread. He sailed to the Peak itself, yes my friends… and he told me his path!

Conversations with Gods, battles with wizards, and… adventure! These tales I will tell you, dear listeners, and I will tell you in the Roscine Theatre, where the noble patrons of that fine establishment have allowed me to share my tale. Every night after close of market, I can be found in the Lesser Gallery, and for but a small entrance fee, the tale of my old shipmate, that unique and extraordinary person, can be heard!

Unnamed actor/theatre crier. Recorded in the Ahl Plaza, Silaka.

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