The Eras of History


Extract from an early draft of Darion’s ‘History of Janspar’. To date, this work has not been completed. Its reverent religious tone suggests this section to have been written before the Abandonment. It was found among documents dating from Ar1648.

The scholars of the past most typically divide Janspar’s history into five eras. These are as follows: the Antesermal Age, the Age of Revelation, the Age of Contact, the Age of Withdrawal, and the Age of Mortality. These eras are based upon Mortality’s knowledge of the Peak Pantheon through their Aeskhonan intercedents. Of necessity, no clear specific dates can be applied for all lands, as the civilizing light of the Peak did not reach Mortality all at once. Yet to discuss these matters more easily we measure the eras of history thusly:

In the common practice of historians, dates are calculated from Divinity’s first revelation to the Aeskhonae. Little is known of the dim past previous to this event, over a millennium and a half before the current day; events further in the past than this are considered to belong to the Antesermal Age.

The Age of Revelation was the period during which Divinity communed with the Aeskhonae and raised them to knowledge of their truth. This period lasted for approximately three hundred years, in which time the Gods taught their followers of many and diverse arts to aid them in their Great Work. Crafted their language, learned of theology. This age ended when the first tutve sailed to carry the Gods’ words to the rest of Mortality.

The Age of Contact took place over the following three hundred years, as the Aeskhonae sailed and journeyed to all parts of Janspar carrying the revelations of the Peak. The Aeskhonae consider this to be their Great Work.

This was followed by the Age of Withdrawal, two hundred years in which the many of the tutve ceased interacting with the rest of Mortality and returned to Aeskhona.

In the age of Mortality, these past eight centuries, the nations and tribes of Mortality, including those tutve still abroad in Janspar, have continued to bear the light of Civilization and the glory of the Peak.

Though every nation of Mortality possesses its own means of reckoning the passage of ages, scholars and those educated in the Aeskhonic tongue calculate use the Aeskhonic calendar, dating from the first revelation of the Peak. Dates are written thus: ‘The Sins of Amuhlin took place in Ar1332’, Ar being a shortened form of ‘Aeskhonic reckoning’.

We may consider each era to belong to the following years. The Antesermal Age is all time before Ar0; the Age of Revelation spans Ar0 until Ar300; the Age of Contact spans Ar300 until Ar600; the Age of Withdrawal spans Ar600 until Ar800; and the modern Age of Mortality begins in Ar800 and endures to the present day.

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